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Every human wants to be happier, healthier & fitter
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Medical & Prevention Virtual Care

Online Consultation

  • Medical specialists from well known medical centres
  • The best experts for you: dietitians, kinesiologists and psychotherapists
  • Each expert is available on a weekly basis
  • Complex treatment for chronic disease
  • Prevention & active intervention
  • Assured online anonymity and highest safety
Prevention //
HRV diagnostic & VIRTUAL consultation

Your health starts with the basics

Take simple little steps with our complex support

Do something good for your body //
Start today, take 24-hour HRV measurement.

Easy home self analysis

with the certified HRV coach

It takes only 24-hours to find out your:

    • ​​Biological Age
    • Burnout Level
    • Stress Resistance
    • Performance Potential
    • Sleep Quality
    • Food Impact
    • Exercise Efficiency
      and much more
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(changes in the body occur in 3-4 months time period)

Take care of yourself
before you need a doctor!

Choose one or more prevention expert:

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Ana Stepančič

clinical dietitian

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Boštjan Holobar


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Klavdija Blažič



10 biological parameters of your body and mind
  • Check your stress factors!
  • Do something for your body today!
10% OFF


Full report and assistance to prevent burnout and stress
  • For optimal energy!
  • ‧ No more fatigue and stress!
20% OFF
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Coming Soon //
Online Cosmetic Surgery Classes

Surgery Classes prof. dr. Ahčan

The body is unique and the body is one. From birth to death.
That is why it is needed nurture, maintain, and occasionally correct its deficiencies.
We are here for you.

Did you know...

The average wait for an in person primary care visit is 24 days?

Design your own virtual room of specialists and professionals who will always be there with you – safe, easy and quick.

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Sanja Rubinić

CELIAC DISEASE – General presentation

What I miss the most of the »normal food« is perhaps a regular cheese bun or the opportunity to order food out in a restaurant like my classmates sometimes do…

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Ana Stepančič

Are smoothies healthy?

On the internet we can find a huge number of recipes for smoothies. However, we can quickly see that many of the most popular smoothies are based on…

Getting healthy can be fun & easy

Healthcare that makes you happy.

Trusted by 25.000 users

“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that I’m glad I decided to take consultations with Ana. It’s really great how easy you can change your eating habits when she is guiding you with easy and attainable goals. Small steps and I am on the right track 😊 and more importantly it is my lifestyle that I am changing.’’

Vijoleta Cerovšek

“Your webinars are short and educational. I attend them each Thursday and usually implement suggestions in my lifestyle. You are making it so simple. Thank you very much!”

Bojan Jakac

“As a healthcare professional, I think your work is on a high level and I just want to express that such projects are rare and very needed, especially in this time. I support you and wish you all the best.’’

Bošjan Holobar

“HRV measurement was a real eye-opener for me. I was certain that I was reasonably fit, stress free and healthy. My measurement however, showed a very different picture. Since then, I was able to make small, but significant adjustments, with the help and guidance from Juliet Rose experts. I already feel much better and continue improving on a daily basis and can't wait for my next HRV measurement in a couple of months!’’

Matej Červ

“Thank you for making prevention more available and online. I’ve read all your articles and learned a lot. Keep this level please. I love it.”

Milena Srpčič

“The idea of online consortium is amazing. Can’t wait to have all my top doc’s available. Hope you can make it global soon!”

Quentin Sargent

“The prevention is more important than anything else. With your technology I am thankful you are making it easy to use it in my everyday life. Thank you!”

Brigita Jevnikar

“I enjoyed consultations with Klavdija. She is really nice, thoughtful and organised. My HRV measurement was done smoothly and without any problems. All the instructions are made simple. Thank you very much!”

Matjaž Likeb

“Way to go! I love your website and virtual rooms. Can’t wait to see more professionals and also more webinars on specific problems.”

Petra Bukovšek

Technology is developing so fast and it is great to see that you are using it for development in the healthcare field. I am very interested where this will take you. Best.”

Mateja Zavadlal

“I am impressed by your work, open minds on business cooperation, enthusiasm and global presence. Keep up with your good work on a really high level!”

Andreja Holobar

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provide yourself and your employees the best

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