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Sanja Rubinić

CELIAC DISEASE – General presentation

What I miss the most of the »normal food« is perhaps a regular cheese bun or the opportunity to order food out in a restaurant like my classmates sometimes do…

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Ana Stepančič

Are smoothies healthy?

On the internet we can find a huge number of recipes for smoothies. However, we can quickly see that many of the most popular smoothies are based on…

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Movement & Fitnes
Boštjan Holobar

THYROID FUNCTION – The effect of physical activity

Insufficiently active thyroid slows down the metabolism, on the contrary, exercise speeds it up. This is especially important for people who have problems with obesity due to hypothyroidism…

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Sanja Rubinić

HASHIMOTO’S THYROIDITIS – Thyroid dysfunction

With hypothyroidism, the body’s metabolism slows down, consequently the heart beats slower, digestion is slow, patients are colds, the skin is cold and dry, hair and nail problems occur…