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JULIET ROSE®, HEARTVIBE® and other partner trademarks such as AUTONOM HEALTH® are internationally registered trademarks under the Trademark Protection Act and may only be used in agreement with Juliet Rose, d.o.o. or partner companies such as Autonom Health GmbH and their explicit approval.
The general terms of use of the platform include the use of the following websites: www.juliet-rose with the suffixes .si, .com, .es and promotional affiliated websites, such as www.heart-vibe.com (collectively called “Platform”), represent the terms and conditions (“Terms”) applicable to the services and products defined in Article 1. Description of the Service and Products for persons registering on the platform (“User”, “Member”, “you”) and their dependent members. Read these terms carefully and make sure you understand them. You will need to accept these terms and conditions before registering on the platform. If you refuse to accept these terms, you will not be able to use the platform and access the services and products or you will use it in an unauthorized manner.
By agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Platform, you agree that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy and Cookies and the New Member Agreement published on the Platform. All listed documents may be changed from time to time. They were last updated on November 20, 2020.
In Juliet Rose d.o.o. we believe that the security and privacy of your data are paramount. The General Terms of Use of the Platform, the Privacy and Cookies Policy and the New Member Agreement explain in more detail what information we collect about you and how we use it. Although the terms and conditions of the privacy policy are very detailed, our philosophy is simple – we treat your information as we would like it to be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. For these purposes, we have complied with the following legislative requirements and regulations:
– the term “Data Protection Acts” means the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) and all national implementing laws and regulations that are amended or supplemented from time to time in the UK and the EU, including the Data Protection Act 2018 (ZVOP.2 ); and all GDPR or Data Protection Legislation of 1998.
The following are the terms and conditions governing your access to and use of the Platform through which we provide the Services and Products. The Products may be made available or accessible through several websites or applications, whether owned and / or operated by us or third parties, including the Platform (www.juliet-rose.com, www.juliet- rose.si, www.juliet-rose.es and www.heart-vibe.com and other related websites and applications and all partner websites and applications listed on the Platform).
At Juliet Rose, we adhere to the principle of minimum data, which means that we will never ask you for information that we do not necessarily need to ensure the quality of our work. We are also committed to using less sensitive data than those whose nature or abuse carries more weight, and that the data is only available to those people in Juliet Rose who actually need it.
In addition, we adhere to the principle of accuracy, in which we regularly check accuracy and update information.
According to the principle of storage limitation, personal data are stored only for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed. We strive to ensure adequate security of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or lawful processing. Everything we do strives to ensure that data processing is consistent with fundamental principles. To this end, Juliet Rose has prepared internal policies on personal data protection, cyber security policies, offers additional employee training and performs internal audit activities. In addition, we implement other possible measures, such as minimizing the collection of personal data, pseudonymization, transparency, enabling individuals to monitor the processing and establishment, and constantly upgrading security measures.
The general conditions of use of the website include the following content:

8         DATA
10       VIRUS
15       PAYMENT


The provider of the platform where it is possible to purchase services and products is Juliet Rose, a complex Virtual Care, d.o.o. (English Complex Virtual Care), Celovška cesta 128, Ljubljana, liable for VAT, SI18270263, Registration number: 8702314000, Entered in the court register in Ljubljana, Amount of share capital EUR 12,500.00, with telephone number +386 68 601 325 and electronic to info@juliet-rose.com (“Juliet Rose”, “we”, “us” and “ours”).
The products offered by Juliet Rose within the platform include the HEARTVIBE® brand, which is the brand of Juliet Rose, d.o.o., which offers the following:
– Rental of an ECG heart rate variability measuring device (HRV) in accordance with the Instructions for Use published on the Platform.
– Receipt of a report based on the AUTONOM HEALTH® partner portal, translated into Slovenian and proofread by Juliet Rose.
Juliet Rose offers as a service the use of the platform for the purpose of technical implementation of online video / audio conversations and possible data transfer (“Conversation”). Within the services, the platform is defined solely as an intermediary service or communication network that provides communication between the User and the Contractor.
“Contractor” is a legal entity that operates in the form of various legally formulated organizational forms with which Juliet Rose has signed a cooperation agreement to work on the Platform. Work on the platform is limited and categorized into individual categories, namely:
o Advising and guiding providers within medical centers.
o Conversation by psychotherapists.
o HRV interview, which can only be performed by a contractor who has completed the training program and received a certificate from a company with the registered trademark AUTONOM HEALTH®.
o Kinesiology.
o Clinical dietetics.
Juliet Rose selects “Contractors” according to the pre-defined criteria required by the Chambers, if established for such services, and on the basis of the evidence of education, licenses or certificates provided to provide their own services. In doing so, Juliet Rose is not responsible for the adequacy of the evidence provided. Each contractor is responsible for the veracity of the information provided. If several contractors participate within the legal entity, the representative or holder of the legal entity is responsible for their professionalism and stating the truthfulness of the data.
As part of your use of the “Conversation” service on the Platform, with your consent, the “Contractor” may at any time refer you directly to the services provided by independent or affiliate partners Juliet Rose. Juliet Rose only offers services related to the provision of technical solutions to “Conversation” and is in no way responsible for the content created in the context of “Conversation”. Juliet Rose is not responsible for the type or quality of the “Conversation” or any other services provided by the Contractor and which may or may not fall under the above Categories.
“Conversation” service means an online video / audio conversation that takes place on the Platform and consists of the user’s and the contractor’s access to the “Virtual Room” where the Conversation takes place. The Conversation service includes predefined components:
– The duration of the Conversation, which varies depending on the Contractor and the content offered by the Contractor.
– The price of an individual Conversation, which is always given in advance by the Contractor in writing and then recorded on the Platform for the purpose of informing the User.
– Content of the Discussion, which includes guidance and advice provided by the Contractor in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement signed with Juliet Rose. The contractor is legally formally and in accordance with Slovenian legislation responsible for the truthfulness, quality and professionalism of the activities he performs. If such activity is used by the user from abroad, the Contractor is responsible for any criminal liability that he may have under the applicable law in the country in which the User is located. If the Contractor is abroad at the time of performing the activity, he is responsible for acting in accordance with the legislation in the country from which he offers his services.
The platform is owned by Juliet Rose d.o.o. and no one has the right to modify, reproduce, copy or otherwise exploit the Platform or any part thereof.
All material on the platform and within the Services (including names, trademarks, word marks, logos, images, diagrams and appearance) is the property of Juliet Rose d.o.o. and / or its partners or licensors. Nothing contained on the Platform or made available through the Conversation Service may be construed as granting any license or other right of use without the express written permission of Juliet Rose.
Content provided by Juliet Rose to you or on the Platform or any website owned by Juliet Rose is deemed to supplement the instructions or guidelines of the Providers and is not intended to replace any physician assessment, diagnosis or treatment of any disease or medical condition. The use of the Website and Services Platform is merely a substitute for traditional healthcare and is intended as an additional tool to providers who provide effective healthcare to users. In no way does Juliet Rose assume responsibility as a provider of any, among other things, medical activities.
If you register and use the Platform, along with the Services and Products, and you have extended the registration to your dependents, you are responsible for being authorized to provide personal information to those dependents. If you do not have such authorizations, the use of the platform and services is considered invalid.
These General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Platform are available to Users and Contractors at any time during the operation of the Platform and may be stored or reproduced at any time before or after the conclusion of the Cooperation. “Cooperation” comes into force when the “User” registers on the Platform and when the Contractor registers on the Platform, which is possible only upon prior signing of the Business Agreement with an individual Contractor or a legal organization within which this Contractor carries out its activity.
The general conditions of use of the platform are available in Slovenian, English and Spanish.


Juliet Rose offers three different business models that differ in the nature of the contractual partner and can be briefly described as follows:
Private Customers: “Users” who access the Product or Service through the Platform.
Private customers register on the Platform www.juliet-rose.com, agreeing to the “Terms” for accessing the Platform and using the Products and Services.
As part of the Product, Private Customers (” User ”) may order the HeartVibe product for a fee on the Platform. With such an order, they receive on loan to the specified postal address an ECG measuring device, which is intended for 24-hour measurement of heart rate variability or “Recorder”, which the User uses in accordance with the Instructions for use sent to the user’s e-mail address and are always available at www.heart-vibe.com. After the user takes a 24-hour measurement, they send it back to the designated address already written on the enclosed envelope. Measurements are uploaded to the local computer of an individual certified HRV provider, which has the only access to its data and has them solely for the purpose of analysis and interpretation of the results of the measurement. This information is never and in no way passed on to third parties other than the User who is the customer of the product.
As part of the “Talk” service for a fee, Users may order online audio or video communication with the Contractors represented on the Platform.
Business partners are “Contractors” who access the “Users” through the Platform for the purpose of performing their service activities, which are defined in accordance with their legal formal organization.
The Contractors access the Users on the Platform through the therefore defined in predefined “Virtual Rooms” or the environment that enables “One-on-One” conversation between the User and the Contractor, without the possibility of involving third parties. In this case, third parties are all persons who are not legally formally or in any other way connected with an individual User and with an individual Contractor.
As part of the implementation of the User’s Conversation Service with the HRV Service Provider, the User must consent to the use and access to the measurement results that occurred when the User performed the 24-hour measurement with the Recorder. The latter is a condition for appropriate guidance, guidance and counseling to the User based on objective data, which makes the HRV Service Provider of higher quality, more accurate and more consistent with the User’s biological condition compared to other forms of counselling that are not based on objective and measurable data. . The Contractor accesses the results of the User’s measurements solely for the purpose of analysing and interpreting the results of the performed measurement. In doing so, the Contractor must always comply with the Juliet Rose Terms of Business.
Partner companies are companies with which Juliet Rose cooperates and has signed cooperation agreements for the purpose of quality operation of the Platform and uninterrupted provision of Products and Services. Each Partner Company undertakes to cooperate with Juliet Rose only in accordance with the “Terms” of use of the platform. The Partner Company may supplement or upgrade the hardware of the Platform, which is always specified in the Cooperation Agreement. In doing so, the Partner Company gains access to the Platform, whereby it can make changes that never cover the area of ​​personal data of the Users. For the purpose of efficient implementation of the HRV Measurement Product offer, the partner company Autonom Health GmbH can manage statistically generated and anonymized User data for the purpose of general treatment of average data within an individual group, according to gender and age. He does not have access to the User’s personal data.
Each user gets access only to their own data and statistically considered general comparisons with (anonymized) average data on their age group.


Use of the Service is available to residents and citizens of any country other than residents or citizens of the United States and all those located in the United States at the time of using the Services or Products on the Platform. If you are a citizen of any country other than the United States of America or reside in a Member State of the European Union, you certify that:
– The service provides access to Contractors operating within their own legal organization and working in the territory of an EU Member State or the United Kingdom and registered in a register in an individual EU Member State or in the territory of the United Kingdom in a valid register.
– These conditions are governed by Slovenian law, and Slovenian courts have exclusive jurisdiction over all legal proceedings relating to the Service, to the extent permitted by applicable law. If the specialist is located in one of the EU member states, these conditions are regulated by an individual EU member state, according to the laws and courts at the place of residence of the specialist in an individual EU member state.
– In no case and in its area of ​​operation, Juliet Rose does not guarantee to the User the veracity of the information provided by the Contractors under the Cooperation Agreement with Juliet Rose and is not responsible for any untrue content and performance of the Contractors’ work. Each Contractor is criminally liable for its actions on the Platform in the same way as it is liable or would be liable in the course of its own legal activity.
– Juliet Rose assumes no responsibility for differences between versions in different countries when using the Platform.
– It is the responsibility of the User to ensure during the use of the Platform that he legally accesses the Platform and uses the Services in accordance with Slovenian legislation or the legislation of the country in which he is located. Juliet Rose assumes no responsibility for the use of the Service, the Products or the access to the Platform in any country where this is illegal.
The Platform, products and services may be used by all independent adults over the age of 18 who have registered on the Platform and, if defined, paid for the Product or Service. Adults can ensure that the Platform is used by children under the age of 18, providing documentation proving parental responsibility and / or custody of that child (eg a child’s passport where the surname matches an adult’s surname, birth certificate or custody letter) . Before activating the child’s account, a check will be made on the authenticity of the adult’s representation. In any case, by submitting personal information on behalf of another User, you agree that you are responsible for:
– you are authorized to provide this information,
– the information is accurate and up-to-date.
If the child wishes to use the Service on the Platform, the Adult must be present when using this Service for a certain part of the Conversation.


The present Terms and Conditions apply to all current and future business relationships, as well as to all sales contracts that we, as a seller of services (especially conversations from the rental of Recorders), either in physical or electronic form, conclude with our Users. They also apply to all those who perform HRV measurements and consultations, seminars, courses, conferences, lectures or courses.
Any Terms of the Contracting Partners or Contractors that deviate from our terms and conditions are not valid unless otherwise agreed in writing. Our Terms are the basis for all future business relationships between us and users and contractors (“Customers”).
Juliet Rose may change the Terms at any time subject to a reasonable notice period. After the publication of the notice of change, the Customer has the extraordinary right to cancel. Changes are considered approved if the Customer does not object to the changes in writing within 4 weeks.


The Terms, together with all other documents, such as our Privacy and Cookie Policy, New Member Agreement, and Instructions for Use, may be amended from time to time in the following circumstances:
– changes in accordance with relevant laws and regulatory requirements; in
– where, in our sole discretion, we consider that a revision is necessary or desirable.
If we change the Terms, we will notify you of the change the next time you access the platform. Your continued use of the platform or services will be deemed acceptance of such amended Terms.


The platform may be updated from time to time. We may change the content, services and products it offers at any time to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements, or make minor technical adjustments and improvements, such as updates to improve the security of use of the Platform or user experience. These changes will not affect the use of the Customer Platform.
Therefore, any feedback provided by customers on the use of the Platform that Juliet Rose can use to improve the User Experience and Security of the Platform is very important.


By registering on the Platform, you guarantee that:
(i) the manner in which you use the Website will not harm Juliet Rose, other Users or Contractors who also use the Platform
(ii) you will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Platform
(iii) you will not attempt to download the Platform or portions of the Platform to any other website
(iv) you will only access the Platform through the interface provided by us
(v) you will not use software that allows you to obtain information about the use of the Platform by other Users, Contractors or third parties.
(vi) You will not use the Platform contrary to the Terms of Use and other relevant provisions of applicable law.
Due to possible circumstances that are not within our reach, such as power outages, natural disasters or other phenomena that are beyond the scope of our operations, temporary non-operation of the Platform is permitted and justified.
You are responsible for arranging everything necessary to have access to the platform. While we strive to avoid errors by ensuring technical correctness, functionality, security, quality control, and the like, we cannot guarantee that there will be no unwanted errors or inaccuracies on the Platform or any content on the Platform.
All information provided on the Platform, whether written, stated or implicit, is for informational purposes only. The information is provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind by Juliet Rose.
Performance statistics and Customer feedback listed on the Platform are based on Juliet Rose reporting. Such information may be collected and processed by partner companies or based on third party surveys and is subject to change without notice.
By using the Platform, you agree that all information you provide is true and accurate, non-misleading and is offered in good faith.
You can only use the platform for home and private use. You agree not to use the Platform, Services or Products for commercial, business or resale purposes.
By registering on the Platform, you agree to receive e-mail and / or text message notifications of updates to the Platform, Services and Products, which will contain important information on the conduct of User and Contractor Conversations.


All information provided by the Customer to Juliet Rose is treated as confidential and processed only for the provision of Services that comply with the defined Terms and Conditions, which are always available on the Platform.
For data purposes of the Data Protection Act, the data controller is Juliet Rose. You can read more about data management in the Privacy Policy and Cookies published on the Platform and confirm them when registering on the Platform. Read them carefully to learn about all the options for managing your data by Juliet Rose and Partner Companies.
If you wish to communicate any information or data about whether you are satisfied with the offer on the Platform or the Product or Service you have received or have received, you may share this information with Contractors, Business Partners or Juliet Rose. You can do this if:
– You have registered and / or ordered a service or product.
– If you are no longer registered and / or subscribed to use the service or product, but have used the service or product in the past.
For the purpose of statistical data processing, analytics and other general data management, for the purpose of improving the user experience of the platform, Customers or Business Partners may assist in the improvement of products, processes and services on the Juliet Rose Platform. As a result, such anonymised data may also be shared with third parties or Partner companies.
If you have previously given your consent or stated that you do not object to any of our business partners using the data for marketing, the business partner may use it for marketing purposes, which Juliet Rose also has access to. If you change your mind, you can instruct your business partner or Juliet Rose not to use your data for marketing purposes. You can exercise this right at any time by sending an email to Juliet Rose info@juliet-rose.com or contacting the appropriate business partner.
If you agree to comment and comment on the performance of the Contractor Services directly by Juliet Rose or the use of the Platform or Product and discuss this with anyone operating within Juliet Rose, we will not share any information with the Contractor or any third parties unless we have the express permission of the User or if the disclosure is of overriding public interest, as a result of which the disclosure will be made solely for this purpose and without your consent.
Juliet Rose may share aggregated anonymized data with third parties and business partners, who provide you with a security system, quality user experience, appropriate control, monitoring of Services and ensuring consistent quality and security.
Juliet Rose may use and share with a business partner, anonymized comments, feedback, and statements that are on the platform or member surveys designed to monitor the quality of the Platform and marketing.


By registering on the Platform, you will be provided with a username, user identification code, password or other information as part of security procedures. You must treat such information as confidential and not disclose it to any third party.
Juliet Rose reserves the right to disable at any time any user identification code or password chosen by you or assigned to you by Juliet Rose if, in the reasonable opinion of Juliet Rose, you have not complied with any provision of these Terms.
If you know or suspect that anyone other than you knows your user ID or password, you must notify Juliet Rose immediately at info@juliet-rose.com.


We do not guarantee that the platform will be secure or free of errors or viruses.
To access the platform and services, you are responsible for configuring your information technology, computer programs, and hardware. Use your virus protection software.
You must not misuse the platform by knowingly entering viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs, or other material that is harmful or technologically harmful. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Platform, the server on which the Platform is stored, or any server, computer, or database associated with the Platform. You may not attack the Platform through a denial of service or a distributed denial of service attack. Violation of this provision would constitute a crime under the Computer Abuse Act of 1990. We will report any such violation to the appropriate law enforcement authorities and will cooperate with those authorities in a way that will reveal your identity to them. In the event of such a violation, your right to use the platform terminates immediately.


You may connect to the Platform provided that you do so in a fair and lawful manner and do not harm our reputation or take advantage of it in any way.
You may not post the Platform on any other site, nor may you create a link to any part of the Site other than the Platform’s home page. You may not link to the Platform by proposing any form of affiliation or approval if we have not given it, and you may not link to any form of site within the Platform, on any site not owned by us.
If we allow the connection of the Platform with any other website, we reserve the right to revoke the permission to connect at any time without prior notice.
If you want to use the content from the Platform, use it or share it in any way, write to us at info@juliet-rose.com.


When the Platform contains links to other websites, services and resources provided by third parties, these links are available only to enrich your information. We have no control over the content of these sites or resources, and Juliet Rose assumes no responsibility for your use of such sites, services or resources.
When the Platform is used by third parties to ensure the operation of the Platform on our behalf, these third parties may only provide aggregated anonymized data and never and in no case personal data. Third parties are considered to act in accordance with these Terms and to protect the protection of your personal data.


Each user of the platform is obliged to register for the purpose of using the Platform, Services and Products. All other contents are of an informative nature and are available for inspection by the general public and are as such public.
By registering, each user agrees to these Terms and all other Terms of Use within the operation of Juliet Rose.
By registering, the user agrees to receive news or other content that he receives at a given email or postal address or a given phone number. You can always log out without deleting from the registry, which means you can always access the Platform as a registered user.
By registering, he also agrees to receive telephone calls, e-mails or other messages on social networks and to a given postal address in order to ensure a high-quality user experience when using the services. In the event that the User submits any incorrect information, Juliet Rose shall not be liable for any irregularities in the use of the Platform and the provision of the Service or the use of the Products.


As part of Juliet Rose’s business subscription to use the Conversation Service on the Platform, it will be included in the Juliet Rose business model as soon as more than 200 users per month register and actively use the Platform. Until there are more than 200 users per month actively using the Platform, for the purpose of introducing an appropriate subscription pricing policy and a business model appropriate for both the Customer and Juliet Rose user experience, a subscription test option will be introduced, which can be terminated at any time. by Juliet Rose or upon a statement or wish to terminate the User’s monthly subscription by sending a request to the e-mail address info@juliet-rose.com.
The subscription is not obligatory for the purchase of Products or Services and represents the possibility of monthly redistribution of payment for the offered services of the Conversation on the Platform. Here, the subscription is defined only for those users who opt for it in the context of using the Platform.
The costs associated with purchasing a subscription may change from time to time. Juliet Rose will immediately notify Users who have agreed to the terms of use of the Subscription by e-mail and on the Platform. The User agrees to the terms of use of the Subscription before making the payment of the Subscription. The amount is always stated before payment is made. The subscription is paid in advance for the entire subscription period of one year, if it is not a trial period.
All subscription terms are set out in the New Member Agreement located on the Platform, which is why you should read it. Before the subscription renewal date, we will send you a reminder of your right to cancel the subscription. If you do not notify Juliet Rose of your subscription cancellation, you agree and permit your subscription to be automatically renewed and you have authorized Juliet Rose without further notice to renew a valid subscription based on the use of the payment card information you have provided to us. further subscription period, i.e. 1 year.
If you use an offer that represents a free or reduced subscription period (which may be shorter than the subscription period), we will contact you at the end of that period and notify you that your offer is expiring. If you do not notify us by e-mail: info@juliet-rose.com before 11 pm on the last day of your free or reduced subscription period, about the cancellation of the subscription, your subscription will be automatically renewed upon payment in accordance with the previous article.
If you provide Juliet Rose with new payment card information and successfully register or enter it, your subscription period will be based on the original renewal date and not on the date of the new payment card.
Each individual has their own profile. When an individual is under the age of 18 but has a subscription profile, he or she must be accompanied by his or her legal guardian and must be registered as a user of the platform.
Juliet Rose reserves the right to cancel a non-refundable subscription and seek legal advice if the subscription is misused, for example, by allowing a family member or additional family member not registered under the subscription to use the service or make false claims about personal or any other information.
Subject to the Juliet Rose Fair Use Rule, the Subscription entitles each user to three (3) online consultations or Discussions per month, during the term of the Subscription. If Juliet Rose reasonably believes that the User is in serious breach of the Terms of Use of the Platform, Juliet Rose reserves the right to deny the User access to the Platform or the Service.
Users who have decided to use the subscription (“Subscribers”) can cancel the subscription within 30 days from the date when they paid the amount for the subscription and thus sent the Subscribers. If Subscriber does not wish to renew its annual membership, it must notify Juliet Rose by email or in writing 30 days prior to the expiration of the membership. The subscription can be cancelled immediately by e-mail to info@juliet-rose.com if:
– Juliet Rose violates these Terms in any significant way and does not rectify the situation within 14 business days.
– Juliet Rose is in liquidation.
If there is a risk due to an event that is not under our control, we will refund the proportional amount of your subscription in relation to the remaining period of your subscription.


The price of Services, Products and Subscriptions on the Platform is stated on the platform. Prices include all applicable taxes, which may change according to changes within the applicable Slovenian legislation. Such changes will not affect any already agreed Talk or already valid Subscription.
Payments for Services, Products and Subscriptions must be made on the Platform by credit or debit card. We accept most common credit and debit cards and PayPal services.
You should be aware that the validity of your card issuer is checked as part of an online payment transaction. Juliet Rose is not responsible if the card issuer refuses to approve the payment for any reason. If such a transaction is not permitted, the Service, Products or Subscriptions on the Platform cannot be used. Please note that the card issuer may charge you an online processing or transaction fee. Juliet Rose does not take responsibility for this.


Juliet Rose, with Business Partner Autonom Health GhmB, provides the production of reports and analysis based on the results of the measurement performed by the User in the context of the use of the HRV Product (“Measurement”). The data are recorded on the Recorder as part of a 24-hour measurement performed by the User. After the measurement, the User sends the Recorder to the address of the HRV Service Provider or to the company Juliet Rose. The latter is specified according to the location of the HRV Service provider. From the Recorder, an administrator authorized by Juliet Rose or the HRV Service Provider downloads to the URL “https://portal.autonomhealth.com” (hereinafter “Portal”). A special business account has been created for Juliet Rose Users, which is of a confidential nature and to which only an authorized Juliet Rose administrator and HRV Service Providers have access. The portal is used to store and process HRV raw data, convert data into a graphical device developed by Autonom Health GhmB (“Lebensfeuer” ®), and analyze HRV raw data using various algorithms developed by Autonom Health GhmB.
Evaluation and analysis of measurements on the Portal is available only to the authorized administrator Juliet Rose and HRV Service Providers. In order to perform its work, the Contractor is obliged to sign a Cooperation Agreement, which stipulates that he may never and under no circumstances disclose data to anyone to enter the Portal or share any personal data of the User to third parties or anyone else.
Business partner Autonom Health GhmB also organizes trainings and awards certificates and licenses for HRV professionals (experts, trainers) who work with Juliet Rose as Contractors. Business partner Autonom Health GhmB assumes all responsibility for organizing education, quality of content, professionalism and transmission of information to Contractors for the purpose of their professionalism and quality service within the Juliet Rose Platform.
Training HRV Autonom Health® Gesundheitsbildungs ​​GmbH provides basic knowledge of heart rate variability (HRV), analysis and interpretation of Autonom Health® measurement data and coaching methods.
Never and under no circumstances does the Contractor make a medical diagnosis.


Use of the web portal requires a valid license issued by Autonom Health® Gesundheitsbildungs ​​GmbH. The latter grants the Contractor a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to access the web portal, use its services and access the content on the Portal. Access is granted to the Contractor only after completing the training for HRV certified specialist, organized by Autonom Health®.
After successful registration, the Contractor may upload the measurement results, check the results for successful interpretation to the User. You can also view all possible products and services available on the Portal and order them. The scope of use of this content is at the discretion of the Contractor.
Each Contractor undertakes to fill in only the information received from the User in the questionnaire provided for this purpose.
The portal offers different accounts for different uses. In cooperation with Juliet Rose and Juliet Rose, in cooperation with Auton Health® Gesundheitsbildungs ​​GmbH (hereinafter referred to as HRV Cooperation), it always uses a business account that enables the creation of private accounts for individual Users. Uploading measurements of different users into the same private account violates the provisions, falsifies the results of the generated general analysis and leads to the immediate blocking of the account by Autonom Health® Gesundheitsbildungs ​​GmbH.
The Contractor must keep his accessible data confidential and protect it from access by unauthorized third parties. If access data is lost or if the user suspects that it is being used by an unauthorized third party (or discovers such use), he is obliged to notify Juliet Rose immediately. Juliet Rose shall not be liable for any damage that may result from access to information obtained by unauthorized third parties.
Autonom Health® Gesundheitsbildungs ​​GmbH strives to provide the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ensures that the portal will be accessible on average 98% per year. This is the case if the Contractor has a current version of the Internet browser (optional Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google, Chrome or a browser with comparable functionality and a comparable standard) with Flash support and the current version of PDF viewing software (Acrobat Reader or software with comparable functionality and comparable standard). Another availability requirement is unchanged server access conditions.
Autonom Health® Gesundheitsbildungs ​​GmbH is fully responsible for the technical availability of the Portal. Juliet Rose assumes no responsibility in the event that the Contractor is unable to access the Portal. However, in these cases, it will inform Autonom Health® Gesundheitsbildungs ​​GmbH and request immediate rectification of the faults. The Contractor is obliged to report any disruption of the technical availability of the Portal immediately to Juliet Rose by Email.
All content offered within the framework of the HRV Cooperation is subject to copyright law. The Contractor may not copy, translate, modify or create derivative works from the content received in the form of a Report based on the obtained Measurement and processing within the Portal. It may not distribute, sub-license, lend, publish, rent, sell, assign, market, transfer or otherwise make any information available to third parties without the written consent of Juliet Rose or otherwise attempt to obtain the source code of the Service. or individual parts, unless expressly permitted or required by applicable law.


Participation in HRV trainings and further trainings is completely voluntary for the Contractors and takes place at their own risk. Juliet Rose provides a physical or virtual space for the implementation of the training that takes place between Autonom Health ® and the Contractors, who will receive a Certificate for the implementation of HRV Consulting by accessing the Autonom Health ® Portal at the end of the successful testing. The cooperation between the Contractor and Juliet Rose is defined in the Cooperation Agreement.
The number of seminars is limited. Classification takes place upon receipt of payment from the Contractors.
Training and further education events may be canceled or postponed by Juliet Rose without explanation. If the event is finally canceled and will not be organized later, the amount already paid will be refunded to the Contractors. In all other cases, the Contractor is not entitled to a refund of the seminar fee. Juliet Rose reserves the right to exclude participants from education at any time, without giving reasons to ensure the learning success and safety of the group and the individual. In this case, as well as in the case of early withdrawal from training at the request of the Contractor, there is no right to reimbursement of the fee or other costs / costs.


HRV recorders are used to measure heart rate variability. HRV recorders and the software required for their operation and their use and evaluation of the data obtained are not intended to detect, prevent, monitor, treat or alleviate disease, but serve solely to provide information on certain parameters such as performance, regulatory and regenerative capacity. achieving the user’s sleep quality. The use of HRV recorders in no way replaces a visit to the doctor.
The HRV recorders that Juliet Rose resells to the Contractors become their property and must be independently serviced and repaired accordingly, ie. they are fully responsible for the functionality and maintenance of their devices. The purchase price for the Recorder expires when ordering. The recorder is dispatched upon receipt of the money. The recorder remains the property of Juliet Rose until full payment is made.


The prices for individual programs, products and seminars are found by the Contractor on the Platform and are valid when ordering. All prices include value added tax in accordance with Slovenian legislation. EU companies are subject to a reverse charge regulation. The agreed basic fees are paid in advance in accordance with the contractual agreement and are due upon receipt of the invoice. Payment must be in euros.
To ensure the quality of HRV measurement and analysis, all resale prices quoted by Juliet Rose are binding and should not be lower. Whenever Measurements as a HRV Product are offered individually or in combination or in a package with other services, the value of the HRV measurement according to the official price list must be shown.
All education or other paid services and HRV Products and further training (“Education Services”) must be booked through the Platform. The appropriate seminar fee must be paid in advance. If the Contractor withdraws from the order of the Training Service up to 4 weeks before the start of the performance (receipt of the cancellation via the contact form on the web portal or via the Web), he is entitled to a refund of 50% of the registration fee. In the event of a later cancellation, the payment made will not be refunded. There is no right to a refund or refund for Recorders or other equipment purchased under the Training Services.
Juliet Rose may cancel or postpone the Education Service. If the Training Service is permanently canceled and is no longer intended, payments already made will be refunded. If the Training Service is interrupted and cannot be completed, payment will be refunded. In all other cases, the user is not entitled to a refund of the full amount.
In the event of cancellation or deferral, the Contractor shall not be entitled to reimbursement of any costs (such as travel costs, hotel costs, etc.), loss of earnings or any other damages and costs.
Accommodation and meals are covered by the Contractor himself.


For the purpose of using the Portal, participating in the events of the Training Services and performing the activities of the Contractor on the Platform, a Cooperation Agreement is signed between the Contractor and Juliet Rose, which is sent to the Contractor by Web after registration on the Platform.
The Cooperation Agreement defines all the elements for successful cooperation between the Contractor and Juliet Rose. If the Contractor terminates the contract with Juliet Rose, the license to use the Portal also terminates. This also terminates all Training Services if they are in progress. Notwithstanding termination, the Contractor shall, except in the case of cancellation for an important reason, pay a Juliet Rose fee for the duration of the program that is still open. The degree of significance and evaluation of the significance of the reason for termination shall be determined according to the seriousness and reality of the reason, which shall be evaluated by the competent administrator Juliet Rose on the basis of objective written reasons provided, if given in the manner specified in this Cooperation Agreement.


“Consumer” status takes effect with an online purchase on the Platform.
Use of the HRV Product
In the event of excessive demand, a waiting list may be set for the receipt of the HRV Product and the performance of the measurement, starting with the receipt of the Recorder at the postal address provided by the User. In the event of a higher demand, Juliet Rose is not responsible for the resulting Recorder delivery queue. Each Consumer is always informed how many Consumers are in the queue in front of him and on the basis of assumed calculations, he announces the estimated delivery date of the Recorder, which is in no case final. At Juliet Rose, we make every effort to comply with the principle that you receive the Recorder within 30 days of ordering. The delivery of the Recorder may also be affected by conditions that are outside the scope of Juliet Rose’s business or operations. In no event shall Juliet Rose be responsible for the timeliness of the shipment.
If the Consumer does not want to use the paid HRV Product and wants a refund, he must send an e-mail to info@juliet-rose.com 3 days before the scheduled measurement date. The reasons for deviating from the measurement must be stated.
If the user cancels the use of the paid HRV Product, all payments accepted by Juliet Rose at the time of purchase will be refunded no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the notice of cancellation, if the cancellation was made within the period specified in the previous article of these Terms. purchase price to the transaction account used when purchasing the HRV Product.
The user cannot cancel the use of the paid HRV Product once the device has been received at the address. Upon receipt of the Recorder at his / her postal address, it is considered that the Consumer has started using the HRV Product and loses the right to withdraw.
The Consumer is always obliged to handle the Recorder in accordance with the Instructions for Use located on the Platform. When purchasing the HRV Product, the Consumer undertakes to perform a 24-hour measurement within three days of receipt. If he does not meet this condition, the Consumer is automatically charged default interest in the amount of 10 euros per day. After 14 days, the full amount of the value of the Recorder will be charged according to the price list valid on the day of the loan.
If due to extraordinary circumstances the Consumer is unable to perform the Measurement, he must immediately notify Juliet Rose by “Webmail” at info@juliet-rose.com or by phone +386 68 601 325. Juliet Rose administrator will objectively examine whether the reasons are strong enough that the Measurement cannot realistically be performed. Individually according to the individual case, he will give an assessment of whether the Consumer Recorder returns, waits a certain number of days and performs the Measurement later or performs the Measurement immediately. If the Consumer Recorder returns, the purchase price may also be refunded, depending on the objective assessment of the administrator’s reasons Juliet Rose, which are in accordance with the Terms. In this case, the Consumer must provide the reasons for withdrawing from the Measurement by e-mail.
The duty of care applies for the period during which the User uses the Recorder for the entire period from receipt to return to the post office. The recorder is checked for functionality and proper operation before shipment. The user is responsible for damages and functional errors up to the maximum amount of the purchase price of the Recorder and undertakes to rectify them immediately.
Use of Services: Conversation
Users can use the Conversation service on the Platform by selecting the Contractor with whom they want to conduct the Conversation, select the Term available at the selected Contractor and pay for a certain duration of the Conversation, according to the price list defined by the Contractor and available on the Platform. By making a payment, an e-mail confirming the payment and another e-mail are sent to the specified postal address of the User, where both the User and the Contractor receive more detailed information about the Service. The e-mail is automatically sent to the User and the Contractor 1 hour before the booked date. In addition to the electronic message, a “Virtual Room” is automatically created for the User and the Contractor, which represents a virtually generated secure environment for the exchange of video, audio and other documents between the Contractor and the User. Only the Contractor and the User have access to the Virtual Room and, if necessary and if technically necessary, an administrator is authorized by Juliet Rose. In no case shall any third party or unauthorized person have access to this room.
Each Contractor must, under the Cooperation Agreement with Juliet Rose, provide a minimum of 2 hours per week for the purpose of performing activities through the Platform. In this way, the User always has an appointment for a specific Contractor with whom he would like to have a Conversation. In the event of increased demand for certain Contractors, Juliet Rose is not responsible for the resulting queue and unavailability of appointments. In this case, the User may contact Juliet Rose by sending to the Website a request for greater availability of a particular Contractor. Juliet Rose cannot guarantee that the Contractor will agree to a higher availability, and therefore cannot be held liable for the unavailability of the Contractors.
If the User does not wish to use the paid Conversation Service and wishes a refund, he must send an e-mail to info@juliet-rose.com 48 hours before the scheduled date and time of the Conversation. The reasons for withdrawing from the Conversation must be stated. If the User does not send a good reason to cancel the use of the Service, Juliet Rose has no basis for a refund. See also 19. Changes and cancellations.


By booking an appointment for the Talk, the User gives Juliet Rose explicit consent that Juliet Rose may offer him the service within the selected time period.
The Online Chat reservation system can be accessed on the User Platform 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The conversation can be booked only through the Platform. The reservation is made through the Amelia booking system of the site rented by Juliet Rose for the purpose of ensuring the secure booking of Users. When booking the Conversation, it is necessary to specify the time (date and time) in which the User wishes to attend the Conversation with the Contractor.
All Talk times are displayed according to the selected time zone that you use on your browser or the device through which you access the Platform. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when booking appointments. Pay special attention to this in the case of booking and conducting a Call from abroad or another time zone as used by the Contractor. Always check that you have entered all the details correctly before completing the reservation.
The Contractor is not obliged to accept the reserved Conversation and may, at its reasonable discretion, postpone or cancel it at any time. You will be automatically notified of the change or cancellation immediately.
It is the User’s responsibility to ensure that the camera and sound settings, together with the microphone, are properly installed during the Conversation. Juliet Rose or the Contractor is not responsible for the time allotted for technical irregularities by the User. While in the case of technical irregularities performed by the Contractor and in this case, the User must wait, it does not in any way represent the time of service, as a result of which the Talk extends the time of the Talk Service for as long as the Contractor does not allocate to the User. In the event of technical irregularities due to a poor Internet connection of the User, Juliet Rose is not responsible for compensation for damages. If the Contractor has a poor internet connection at the time of the Interview, the Interview must be postponed or appropriate circumstances established with a working internet connection.
Juliet Rose reserves the right to deny access to the Platform to any person if that person excessively uses the Service in Juliet Rose’s reasonable opinion or is violent or acts inappropriately towards any Contractor or any Juliet Rose employee or business partner. Inappropriate acts include inappropriate, violent, offensive behaviour or remarks; but unnecessary “waste of time.”
In the event of excessive, inappropriate or abusive intent, Juliet Rose reserves the right to terminate the provision of the use of the Platform, Services or Products, including the deletion of the User’s account and information, immediately upon prior notice.
During the Conversation, the Contractor may advise you that for a certain period it will be necessary to continue using the Conversation Services or ordering the HRV Product for the purpose of optimizing and faster achievement of better-quality desired results or set goals that the User has. It is your free choice to book a further appointment for further forms of Conversation.
At the discretion of Juliet Rose, the Contractors may, if necessary, contact you through any of your contacts, including e-mail, telephone, mail or text messages, as part of the Pre-Service, Pre-Service and Post-Conversation Service.


If the User wishes to change the Conversation within 48 hours before the scheduled date and time of the Conversation or before this time, he can do so by sending an email to info@juliet-rose.com or within the booking system, where he has all the advice, which he booked. By simply clicking on “edit”, it is possible to change the date and time of the conversation. With the confirmation, a reminder is automatically sent by e-mail to the Contractor and the User about the change. In the reservation system, the change is visible to the User and the Contractor. The change of the Talk time is final only after it is confirmed by the Contractor. If the Contractor does not agree with the change, he may, in the same way as the User, make a change of time in the reservation system. In this case, the change is final when it is confirmed by the User. If the User and the Contractor cannot agree on the time of the Conversation, the Contractor may call the User on the specified telephone number in order to optimize the organization of the time for the Conversation more quickly. The latter should never be a regular practice of the Contractor.
Once the Conversation has started, the Clients cannot cancel the Conversation Service, but it is possible to book or order a new one. If the cancellation is due to technical errors that prevented the conversation, the Contractor is obliged to write to Juliet Rose’s e-mail to re-organize the conversation, whereby the User is notified by e-mail and in his reservation system.
If the User cancels the Conversation more than 1x in the period less than 48 hours before the booked Conversation, Juliet Rose reserves the right to limit future reservations or refuse to use the Conversation service. In this case, the User is not entitled to a refund.
If the User does not set the appropriate time zone on his computer or mobile phone or device through which he accesses the Platform and therefore does not participate in the Talk, it is considered that the User has cancelled and is not entitled to a refund.
If the User does not attend the Conversation without a valid reason, it is considered that the User has completed the Conversation and is not entitled to a refund of the purchase price.
If the User is late for the appointment, it is considered that he has completed it. The Contractor is responsible for ensuring that the full time of the booked appointment is available. If the User attends the term later than the scheduled start, it is considered that he has attended the Conversation from the beginning. He is not entitled to a refund of the purchase price or part of the purchase price, regardless of the reasons he would have.
If the User of the Conversation is unable to attend because the Platform is not available due to a technical error, Juliet Rose may offer you a refund or make a new reservation for the Conversation. In this case, the user must become a message with the reason and description of the error on the Web mail.
However, the user is responsible for ensuring that your equipment (computer, laptop, notebook, tablet or other mobile device) meets the necessary technical specifications to access the Platform.
We are not responsible for delays beyond our control. If the delivery of our services is delayed due to an event beyond our control, we will contact you as soon as possible and take steps to reduce the effect of the delay. Provided we do so, we will not be liable for delays caused by the event, but if there is a risk of a major delay, you may call us to complete the delivery of the service to you or to cancel the Talk.
We are responsible for the foreseeable loss and damage caused by you. If we fail to comply with these Terms, we are liable for any loss or damage you suffer, which is a foreseeable result of a violation of these Terms. Juliet Rose shall not be liable for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseen if it is obvious that it will happen, or if at the time of the Conversation, both we and you knew it was going to happen.
We are not responsible for business losses. We offer the platform only for home and private use. If you use the Platform for any commercial or business purposes, we are not responsible for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption or loss of business opportunity.


Contractors shall be experts in their specific field, whether experts in dietetics, kinesiology or any other field for which they have completed the relevant training in the Member State where the Contractor provides the Conversation Service. Regarding virtual consultation skills, they are monitored and evaluated by Juliet Rose.
Product: HRV
Improper use of products and services in the field of HRV can lead to incorrect measurement results and / or to incorrect assessments and statements of untrained persons. Juliet Rose does not explicitly assume any responsibility for this. The Business Partner and Contractors concerned confirm that they have been trained for this work. Juliet Rose is not responsible for the veracity of the provision of data and verification of the content offered by the Contractors and the Business Partner to the User. Providers offer Users a new and scientifically based method based on HRV analyses developed by Business Partners. All Contractors, as part of the provision of consulting and the HRV product, are obliged to be certified by the Business Partner and undertake to perform the Training Services insofar as they are referred to it by Juliet Rose.
All information and calculation formulas available on the Portal, as well as information provided in the framework of education and further education, scripts, presentations, documents, texts and text templates, etc. are and remain the intellectual property of the Business Partner and may be used only with the consent of the Business Partner and exclusively with an indication of their authorship.
AUTONOM HEALTH ® is a special brand that displays HRV measurement data.
Audio and / or video recordings of the Juliet Rose events and their rights are reserved exclusively by Juliet Rose.
Service: Conversation
By its nature, Online Chat Services may in some circumstances not meet your needs and may not be appropriate or sufficient and may require a physical visit to a professional or third party or other form of intervention. This is also possible if the question is not suitable for remote Online Consulting. We recommend that you also consult your doctor or pharmacist at any time regarding the information you receive from the Contractor. You can share the information you receive during the Interview with the Contractor at any time with your GP or pharmacist for the purpose of performing the recommended therapy and about any concerns regarding the procedures advised by the Contractor.
The information and advice provided by the Contractor during the Interview is based solely on the information you provided via the questionnaire if you received it or the Interview with the Contractor. It is your responsibility to ensure that this information is correct and complete, and you accept that non-compliance with this information (intentionally or not) may affect the information and guidance provided by the Contractor. Neither the Contractor nor Juliet Rose is responsible for the consequences that may arise in the context of the Conversation. Conversations are always and only of an informative nature.
If you do not understand certain information that you have received as part of the Conversation, tell your GP, pharmacist or Juliet Rose. Our liability is a violation of the terms of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Juliet Rose is not responsible for the quality or type of services or goods offered by a third party that may be mentioned by the Contractor or that may be in any way related to the Platform.


With your consent, the Contractor may refer you to additional investigations with relevant third parties, which may or may not be Partner-affiliated with Juliet Rose.
Referrals are not issued by Contractors as part of Juliet Rose or Conversation. If the referral is issued on the basis of the operation of its own private or public organization or organization or other legal institution, the Contractor shall be independently liable in accordance with regulations and laws in Slovenia.


The practitioner may refer to a range of private diagnostic tests, including pathology (e.g., blood tests, urine) and imaging (e.g., X-rays, ultrasound, MRI), performed by third parties. The use of such referrals is the free choice of the User. By acknowledging the Terms, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for deciding, editing, executing and paying for such referrals no matter where you make them.
Juliet Rose does not store or process any information about referrals that may have occurred during the Conversation.
You can send the results or results to the Contractor within the Virtual Room. In doing so, Juliet Rose ensures the security of data for the transmission of information. Juliet Rose does not store or otherwise handle this type of information. Only the Clients and the authorized administrator Juliet Rose have access to the data.
Juliet Rose is not intended to support Contractors, but merely provides technology to treat Users in the form of an Online Conversation. All individual Contractors operating within their own legal or private institution, which is duly regulated by law, are responsible for all possible notes and information.


The platform operates in accordance with the highest security and reliability measures. Excluded from the available times are times when the servers cannot be used due to technical or other problems over which Juliet Rose has no control (force majeure, third party fault, etc.). Planned or necessary maintenance work leading to (even if only partial) failures of the Portal is also excluded. If maintenance work is in progress, Juliet Rose will notify them in advance in the form of an e-mail to the Customers, although we strive for maintenance work to take place between 11 pm and 6 am. The user further acknowledges that the installation of updates and software and the performance of maintenance and backups may, for technical, security, legal and other reasons, in exceptional cases be performed by Juliet Rose at any time and at any time.
The following error classes are agreed, sorted by priority:
– Critical level – The platform cannot be reached.
– High level – services are not available / partially / with difficulty.
– Low rate – the disturbance has no effect on the Customers.
Juliet Rose will consider the following reaction times on the first message received during business hours:
– Critical rate: three (3) hours after receipt of the report.
– High rate: five (5) hours after receipt of the report.
– Low rate: five (5) working days after receipt of the report.
When a higher-class error is no longer present, it can be transferred to a lower class or level. It is not possible to provide a minimum troubleshooting time to correct errors over which Juliet Rose has no control.
In the event that the errors are not remedied within the appropriate time, Juliet Rose Customer must grant a reasonable extension of the period to at least half the time of the original solution. If this also expires without eliminating the problem, the Customer may terminate the contract without observing the notice period. In such a case, the Customer does not receive a refund for the purchase price. A further claim for reduction, compensation or damage cannot be justified. A fundamental change in legal or technical standards on the Internet allows Juliet Rose to make an extraordinary dismissal if it was caused by the unjustified actions of Juliet Rose.
Any withdrawal from the contract due to justified technical errors, regardless of the period of cancellation, does not withstand a legal judgment or any legal appeal.



– Internet connection – broadband wired or wireless connection (3G or 4G / LTE).
– Speakers and microphone – built-in USB or Bluetooth wireless plug.
– Webcam or HD webcam – Built-in USB plug or HD camera or HD camera with video card. Virtual camera software for use with broadcast software such as OBS or IP cameras:
Note: MacOS requires a Zoom 5.1.1 or later client.


– macOS X with macOS 10.9 or later
– Windows 10
Note: Windows 10 devices must be running Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise. Mode S is not supported.
– Windows 8 or 8.1
– Windows 7
– Ubuntu 12.04 or later
– Mint 17.1 or later
– Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 or later
– Oracle Linux 6.4 or later
– CentOS 6.4 or later
– Fedora 21 or later
– OpenSUSE 13.2 or later
– ArchLinux (64-bit only)


– Surface PRO 2 or later and with Win 8.1 or later operating system.
Note: Windows 10 tablets must have Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise. Mode S is not supported.
– iOS and Android devices
– Blackberry devices


– Windows: Internet Explorer 11+, Edge 12+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+
– macOS: Safari 7+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+
– Linux: Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+
Note: Some Web client features are not supported by Internet Explorer.


Minimum recommended:
– Processor: Single-core 1 GHz or higher Dual-core 2 GHz or higher (Intel i3 / i5 / i7 or AMD equivalent).
– RAM: N / A 4 Gb
Notes: Dual-core and single-core laptops have a reduced frame rate (approximately 5 frames per second) when sharing the screen. For optimal screen sharing in laptops, we recommend a quad-core processor or later.
Linux needs a processor or graphics card that can support OpenGL 2.0 or later.


High-resolution displays on DPI are supported in Zoom version 3.5 or later.

24.7 Bandwidth requirements

The bandwidth we use will be optimized for the best experience based on the participant’s network. It will automatically adapt to 3G, WiFi or wired environments.
Recommended 1: 1 bandwidth for meetings and online meeting attendees:
– 600kbps for high quality video
– 1.2 Mbps for 720p HD video
– You need 1.8 Mbps to receive 1080p HD video
– You need 1.8 Mbps to send 1080p HD video


Juliet Rose assumes no responsibility for the correctness of the form or content of the information in or on the products purchased. This also applies to the content of all types of events and trainings. Juliet Rose emphasizes that statements at professional consultations, events or trainings are non-binding and without any guarantee to the best of our knowledge and belief and the principle of good faith. No guarantees can be given. The client expressly acknowledges this. In particular, improper use of the Products or Services on the Platform by untrained Providers may lead to erroneous assessments and statements. Juliet Rose does not explicitly assume any responsibility for this.
Juliet Rose is not responsible for malfunctions due to force majeure, in particular failure or overloading of global communications networks.
Juliet Rose strives to take care of security as well as viruses and other malware infections in her systems and to take appropriate action in this regard. The Customer is solely responsible for the security of the entire information system of the Customer and the implementation of appropriate defence measures in its own name and on its own account.
Any claims for damages are limited to damage caused by Juliet Rose intentionally or through gross negligence. This does not apply to personal injury. Further claims for damages are excluded, in particular in the case of negligent negligence, compensation for consequential damages and financial loss, loss of interest and damages from third party claims against the user, and loss of data and programs and their recovery.
The limitation of liability also applies in the case of simple gross negligence. In this case, claims for damages expire within 18 months even after we know about the damage and the person who caused the damage.
Juliet Rose explicitly points out that no medical diagnosis has been made within the Platform or Portal and no medical, psychotherapeutic or psychological counselling or assistance is provided.
Juliet Rose Platform, Services and Products are intended for healthy, physically and mentally disabled people and are based on the current state of science. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before using the Platform. Please note that the Services and Products offered are in no way a substitute for medical examinations or treatment. The User is responsible for this. The user should also consider any restrictions due to chronic or acute illness or pregnancy.
Juliet Rose does not guarantee that the Services and Products offered on the Platform or the Portal meet the expectations of the Customers and in particular does not guarantee that success will be achieved by using the offered Services and Products on the Platform. Use of the Platform is expressly at the User’s own risk.
The platform is constantly evolving and can therefore change visually, technically, functionally, substantively or otherwise. Juliet Rose may therefore extend, modify or remove features from time to time.
With respect to the Training Services, the Contractor expressly acknowledges that participation is at your own risk and completely voluntary. Any liability arising from any legal reason is expressly excluded. Training and further education events do not constitute any medical diagnoses, treatments or psychotherapies. Background and Use Training Services are transferred to the Contractors, with the Contractors being liable for any damage caused to the End Users.
The sale / rental of HRV recorders offered by Juliet Rose on the Platform does not cure the disease. Used The recorders are not intended for emergency ECG recording or emergency monitoring.


Personal data is only collected if this is necessary to fulfil the contract. Personal data will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties. All data processing takes place within the EU and in accordance with Slovenian and European data protection legislation.
In anonymous form, the User’s graphical and measurement data may be used for scientific studies, sample images, training documents, presentations and publications. Juliet Rose may also provide this anonymized information to Juliet Rose’s Business Partners and Contractors. The latter may use them in an anonymised form, provided that the copyright is respected by citing relevant sources.
Providers, as participants in training and further education events, explicitly agree with their name and surname on the Contractor’s Reference List and in the Business Partner’s Autonomous Health Community (www.community.autonomhealth.com) for at least three years.
Users can request the deletion of data at any time by e-mail info@juliet-rose.com.
The user also expressly agrees that his personal data, namely name, address, date of birth and e-mail address, may be used and processed by Juliet Rose for the benefit of the user to send information about further offers or products of Juliet Rose and events that Juliet Rose promoted via email. The user can revoke this consent at any time by sending an email to info@juliet-rose.com.


The Platform and its content are the intellectual property of Juliet Rose or its authors and may not be used without the express written consent of Juliet Rose, except as provided in the Terms. The logo, images, photos and text, as well as all website content, graphics and button icons are the intellectual property of Juliet Rose. All other trademarks, product names and company names or logos are the property of their respective owners. Except as clearly stated on the Platform, copying, printing, transmitting, displaying, selling, publishing, storing, modifying, and using for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Juliet Rose is prohibited on the Platform.
The logos, company names, trademarks and other trademarks displayed on the Platform may be trademarks and are either owned by Juliet Rose or published with the consent of the industrial rights holder of these trademarks. Their use is prohibited without the prior written consent of Juliet Rose or third parties.


All information received by the user directly or indirectly in connection with Juliet Rose through operational manuals and written, oral or other reports is an individual and complete business secret of Juliet Rose. The user undertakes not to disclose this information to third parties during or later in collaboration with Juliet Rose. It must take reasonable precautions to prevent third parties from gaining access to business secrets.
Juliet Rose will treat all data on Users, Contractors and Business Partners as a business secret of the User and will treat them in accordance with Slovenian legislation. In this context, Juliet Rose will also take the necessary precautions to ensure that specific obligations regarding professional confidentiality are met.


Juliet Rose is happy to accept any feedback: you can contact us by email at info@juliet-rose.com. In accordance with Slovenian legislation, the Customer may always turn to the online resolution of consumer disputes (SRPS) within the framework of out-of-court problem solving, which is available at: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event= main.home2.show & lng = SL.
If you have a complaint regarding the Platform, Products or Services or anything else related to the operation of Juliet Rose, we will always strive for a quick and easy solution.
If you want to file a formal complaint, do so as soon as possible. This will help us figure out what happened. If this is not possible, you must lodge your complaint no later than 12 months after the incident that resulted in the consequences.
Complain in writing by e-mail to info@juliet-rose.com or by mail to Juliet Rose d.o.o., Celovška cesta 128, Ljubljana. The description must be precise and concise and always contain the full name of the User, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address, date of the complaint and details of the complaint.
If the complaint concerns the Contractor or his performance of the Conversation Service, Juliet Rose shall not be liable for it. Nevertheless, you can address suggestions for improvements to our Webmail. Your opinion means a lot to us for the purpose of improving the quality of the Services.
At Juliet Rose, we will acknowledge your complaints within three business days of receipt and strive for a comprehensive and objective examination within 20 business days of the date the complaint is received. All delays will be notified in advance.
When we examine the complaint, we examine the circumstances; to facilitate the discussion of circumstances and problems with stakeholders; we will arrange to receive an apology, if appropriate, and take action to ensure that the problem does not recur.
You will receive a final letter outlining the outcome of any investigation.
If you are dissatisfied, you can submit the matter to the Consumers’ Association of Slovenia or to the appropriate body located at the address of your residence or the residence of the Contractor who provided you with the Interview via the Platform.
Failure to exercise any of our rights does not constitute a deprivation of that right.
If any provision of these Terms is found not enforceable, all other provisions shall remain unchanged.
These conditions are regulated by Slovenian law.


All questions about the Terms should be sent to info@juliet-rose.com or write to Juliet Rose at: Juliet Rose, d.o.o. Celovška cesta 128, 1000 Ljubljana. You can also contact our telephone number +386 68 601 325 at any time with technical questions.