Sporazum o članstvu

Last revision: November 20, 2020

By successfully registering on the Platform, you have confirmed the New User Agreement, the General Terms of Use of the Juliet Rose Platform, the Privacy Policy and Cookies (collectively referred to as the “Terms”), thereby informing you that you have become our User. By confirming the Terms, you agree to the entry and at the same time confirm that you have read, understand and agree to the Terms. The terminology can be found in the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Juliet Rose Platform, which is why we ask you to first read the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Juliet Rose Platform in order to better understand the contents of other documents of the Terms and Conditions.
By confirming this agreement, you are aware that you may use the Services and Products on the Platform. The platform is designed to provide Services and Products based on the development, use and monitoring of online technologies, with integrated use, availability of information and acceptance of advice at your own risk. You hereby agree that in the event of an emergency, our Contractors are not responsible for your medical condition. They also guide, refer and advise you to a limited extent, as much as possible through online technologies. We are not responsible for all other conditions that are beyond the scope of checking the physical and mental condition within the framework of online technologies. You agree to the Terms and are fully aware that certain services and products are chargeable, clearly stating when, which, in what way and with a specific fixed amount, unless otherwise specified.
This New User Agreement (the “Agreement”) shall be effective from the successful registration on the Platform, which shall be deemed to be the effective date of the Agreement between Juliet Rose (Provider) and the User (“User” or “you”). By doing so, you have become a Platform User who can receive certain services, such as Conversation, using online technologies provided by Juliet Rose. All Interviews are offered by the Contractors on the basis of their own codes of ethics and oaths and on their own discretion, for which Juliet Rose is not responsible. You receive conversations through the Platform as a technology for communicating with Contractors in exchange for payment under the Terms. The purpose of this Agreement is to determine the conditions under which the services of the Contractors will be transferred to you through the tools of technology in practice. To this end, you agree to this Agreement.


As part of the Juliet Rose services, we offer free and paid forms of use. Paid forms of use are made in the form of payments for HRV Product or Services: Talk or in certain cases also for Subscription (in case of more than 200 users who would confirm and agree to this form of payment), which lasts one year from payment. Users will be notified of any price changes before implementation. Prices depend on individual price policy adjustments, payment plans and discounts. Payment is made after the User’s registration and after confirming the Terms. In some cases, discounts and alternative prices may be available (for example, annual prices or a free trial period).
The interview with the Contractor is chargeable, except in the case of payment of the Subscription. The HRV product payable is separate and in no way related to the payment of the Subscription or Services.
We also allow you to pay for the HRV Program, which includes the use of the HRV Product and the Contractor Talk Service. We offer 3 different programs, namely:
– HRV product (Recorder rental and Measurement) + Conversation service (45 minutes of consultation with an HRV Contractor certified by the Business Partner)
– Product HRV + Service Conversation with HRV Contractor + Service Conversation with Psychotherapist, who is also HRV Contractor
– Product HRV + Service Conversation with HRV Contractor + Service Conversation with Dietetician, who is also HRV Contractor
– Product HRV + Service Interview with HRV Contractor + Service Conversation with Kinesiologist, who is also HRV Contractor
– HRV Product + Service Interview with HRV Contractor + Service Interview with Psychotherapist, Dietitian and Kinesiologist, who are also HRV Contractors
Under the Programs, you always receive a 45-minute consultation from an individual Contractor after you have performed the measurement and the HRV Interview. Any program allows you to conduct an Interview with the Contractor within two (2) months of purchase. You can take advantage of the online visit at any time by setting an appointment with an individual Contractor on the Platform.


The services of our experts are chargeable because we do not operate under the auspices of government institutions, nor are we funded by them. Within the paid Services and Products and Subscriptions we offer on the Platform, our staff and certain Contractors are financed, insofar as so determined by the Cooperation Agreement.
The share of paid Subscriptions (if any) (10%) always flows into the fund for assistance to patients in need of additional financial assistance. If we find that there is a possibility of presenting new discoveries in the field of autoimmune or other diseases to our Users and these services are chargeable, such activities are also financed from the presented fund.
All such financing is sent to all Users in the form of e-mail for the sake of business transparency and is publicly published on the website.


There are several ways to communicate with Juliet Rose Contractors and Administrators. Communicating with us does not in itself establish a Contractor-User relationship. By confirming the Terms, you acknowledge that telephone communication, SMS and other fees and charges may apply, depending on your device and service plan.
In the Conversation Service, you select the option to lease a specific amount of time with the Contractor, with a fixed amount shown on the website on the day you make the payment and before you actually make the payment. You will receive an invoice for this type of Service by e-mail in the form of a .pdf document.
If you have technical problems, you can contact us at any time by e-mail: info@juliet-rose.com.


You may be required to express your communication settings on the Platform, such as the ability to receive Reminder Reminders or other notifications by phone, email, text message, or other means. Although we strive to respect your communication preferences, we reserve the right to communicate with you in any other way using the information we have available in accordance with our obligations under applicable law.


This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of registration of the User.
Approval of this agreement is purely voluntary. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the approval of this Agreement or use the active Platform or not, you can receive the Services of our and other Contractors of your choice and you can always visit them in person at the premises where they carry out their activities. Juliet Rose has no data and does not own information about the Contractors and what activities they perform outside the framework of contractual cooperation with Juliet Rose. SERVICES
The Services of the Contractors under this Agreement and the Terms are considered non-medical and relate to the following:
• Connect to a Contractor via video chat, phone, email or text chat application.
• Communication is possible with the Juliet Rose Platform.
• When the User requests an appointment with the Contractor, he must make reasonable efforts to attend the meeting.
• In order to facilitate the selection of the Contractor, information on the Contractors is published on the Platform, which includes descriptions of their work, possible articles and pictorial material.
• Juliet Rose does not record or collect any information about the User’s health condition, which also applies during the Talk to the Contractor.
• Juliet Rose has only a minimal amount of personal information about the User, obtained through Registration or Questionnaire in the case of HRV measurement and is obtained only for the purpose of performing the purpose of informing and providing quality Conversations with Contractors.
• To access any information on the User’s medical condition that may be collected during the Interview with the Contractor, the User must contact the Contractor with a request to access or destroy the data at info@juliet-rose.com with the name of the Contractor and the date Talk.
• The Contractor must always comply with Slovenian legislation on personal data, in accordance with general ethics and all agreements found on the Juliet Rose website.
Warning for User Juliet Rose. The User understands and agrees that e-mails and the Platform should never be used to access medical care in emergencies or if, in any circumstances reasonably expected by the User, they could develop into emergencies. The user agrees to call emergency medical services or his personal physician or the nearest emergency medical service provider in such situations and follow the instructions of the emergency medical staff.


In accordance with Slovenian legislation, Juliet Rose operates web portals. For this reason, it does not employ or collaborate with GPs, nurses or any other medical staff directly.
In all cases, the contractors are legal entities that have signed a Cooperation Agreement with Juliet Rose.
Juliet Rose includes the use of electronic communication technologies that enable the transmission of Conversations between the Contractor and the User, which are located in different locations. Technologies can include two-way interactive audio and video, interactive audio, remote monitoring, email, audio and video files. The information provided through the Platform may be used to advise and / or educate Users to the extent permitted by online technology.
Electronic systems include network security protocols and software to protect the confidentiality of you and the confidentiality of your data.


• Improved access to advice, as it allows you to talk remotely with Contractors who are experts in their field.
• Exchange and transfer of knowledge, content and information guaranteed by the Contractors.
• Selection of Contractors on the basis of quality criteria, for which Juliet Rose guarantees only to a certain extent, as the selection is made on the basis of submitted documents, documentation and certificates of Contractors.
• Quick access for shorter questions, improves information flow and has an impact on smaller queues at national levels.


As with any technological process, there are potential risks when using the Platform. These risks include, but are not limited to:
• In rare cases, the information sent may not be sufficient to enable the Contractor to make appropriate decisions and thus guide you only to the best of your ability.
• Defects or equipment malfunctions may cause delays in the conversation.
• In very rare cases, security protocols may fail to protect personal data, which may result in a breach of personal data privacy.
• In rare cases, the lack of information about the User may lead to unwanted errors in the judgment and guidance of the Contractors.
• There may be other risks that are not currently known.


With this Agreement and the Terms of Use of the Platform, Juliet Rose is not liable for or permitting the coverage of any insurance services of any insurance company. By acknowledging this Agreement, you agree that you have sole responsibility for the provisions on the part of the insurance companies and that you understand and acknowledge that the insurance company will not cover the services or products offered by Juliet Rose.

In practice, this agreement does not replace health insurance or other health plan coverage. You acknowledge that no one has advised you in the course of Juliet Rose’s activities and is not responsible for anything related to the management of your full or additional valid health insurance or insurance plans to cover you and your family for health services and cover any other expenses. You acknowledge that this agreement or any other agreement posted on the Juliet Rose Platform is not a contract that provides health insurance for you, and that this contract is not intended to replace any insurance coverage provided to you by the insurance company and that Juliet Rose does not cooperate in insurance services.


If, for any reason, the competent court considers that any provision of this Agreement is legally invalid or unenforceable and at the same time the remaining part of the Agreement is valid, it shall not affect that provision and shall be deemed to be the minimum necessary for harmonization. these provisions with the applicable legislation and its amended form, only then is this provision enforceable.


Juliet Rose may unilaterally amend this Agreement to the extent required by state or local law or regulation (“Applicable Law”) by giving you 30 days written notice of any such amendment. Any such amendments shall be incorporated by reference into this Agreement without the need for signature by the Parties and shall enter into force on a date to be determined by Juliet Rose. If applicable law requires that this Agreement contain provisions not expressly provided for in this Agreement, then, to the extent necessary, these provisions shall be included in the Terms by reference to this Agreement and shall be deemed to be part of this Agreement as expressly provided. provided for in this Agreement.


You may not assign or transfer any rights under this Agreement or any other rights you may have under this Agreement. This Agreement and any rights that practice may have under it may not be granted or transferred to its heirs, successors or recipients.


You acknowledge that this Agreement and the Terms are legal documents and create certain rights and responsibilities. You also acknowledge that you have had a reasonable time to seek legal advice regarding this Agreement and the Terms and have been free to choose not to do so. In both cases, you agree to the terms of this Agreement and the Terms.


All disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be in accordance with the rules of law in the area from which you access the Juliet Rose Services or will be submitted to arbitration in the area of the State of the Contractor’s country. The decision on arbitration shall be final and binding on the Parties. The parties expressly waive their right to a trial in any court.


All written notices are deemed to have been served if sent via the e-mail: info@juliet-rose.com.


This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in force in Slovenia.


The headings in this Agreement and the Terms apply only to the editing and comprehensibility of the text and do not limit, extend or qualify.


This Agreement contains the entire Agreement and the Terms between the Parties and supersedes all prior oral and written agreements relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.


 1. I give my consent to receive the services of the Interview with the Contractors via the Digital Technologies of the Platform, via mobile phone or personal computer, Juliet Rose Contract Associates and / or Contractor Contract Associates. This counseling includes services related to my personal condition (or that of a particular person) and may include (but is not limited to) preventive care, counseling and referrals for diagnostic tests, therapeutic advice, assessment or review of physical or mental status / body functions. This consent may also include discussions with other Contractors for the purpose of providing better support to the User to the extent necessary.

2. Juliet Rose is a separate entity that is independent of the Contractors who contractually treat Users and is not licensed to treat with drugs. Juliet Rose provides purely and solely Technological Communication in the management of Contractor Services.

3. Before setting the date, I was acquainted with the course of the Conversation with the Contractor, I was acquainted with the name of the Contractor, the duration and payment.

4. I accept the use of the Platform at my own risk and responsibly assess the need and use of such services.

5. I am aware that the Contractor cannot and must not prescribe me any uncontrolled substance as required by law in Slovenia and the European Union and there is also no guarantee that I will receive any prescription for any medicine.

6. The Platform may include the electronic communication of my personal data to Contractors operating within the Juliet Rose Group or to other Service Providers located in other areas, including other countries. This is possible only in the event that such an act represents a benefit for the User in the context of providing quality Conversation Services.

7. It is my free duty to inform Juliet Rose, her Contractors or Business Partners of any interactions regarding my counseling / care that I may have with third Service Providers.

8. Certain parts of the services involving physical examinations may be performed by individuals at my location or the Contractors may refer me to a laboratory or to another Contractor for a physical examination. Other Performers may or may not be associated with the operation of Juliet Rose.

9. I have the right to withdraw my consent to the use of the Platform at any time, without prejudice to my right to any care or any treatment in the future.

10. I may suspend or terminate access to the Services of the Platform at any time for any reason or no reason.

11. I understand that in the event of an emergency medical assistance, neither the Contractor Group, Juliet Rose, Business Partners, or anyone else operating on the Platform organizes a liaison directly with any local ambulance service or accepts responsibility for any medical consequences.

12. I have the right to inspect all information obtained and recorded during the Conversation Service or as part of the purchase of the HRV Product at info@juliet-rose.com, whereby I must state the name of the Contractor who could keep any records or data.

13. Laws protecting the privacy and confidentiality of any information also apply to the use of the Platform and no information obtained through the use of the Platform that identifies me will be disclosed to other entities without my consent.

14. I can expect the expected benefits from using the Platform, but I am aware that no results are clearly guaranteed.

15. There is a risk of technical errors during the Platform Conversation that are not under the control of Juliet Rose, the Contractors or the Business Partners. I agree that there is a possibility that constitutes a harmless act by Juliet Rose, that there may be delays in the Conversation, non-information, or lost information resulting from such technical errors.

16. In the event of any problems with the Platform or related services, I agree that my only remedy is to stop using the Platform or to stop using the Service or Product. Under no circumstances will Juliet Rose be liable in any way for the use of the Platform and Discussions, including, but not limited to, any error or omission of content or infringement of any content on the Website of any intellectual property rights or other third party rights or any loss or damage of any types that would result, directly or indirectly, from the use, inability to use or results of the use of the Platform, the use of the Conversation Services or the materials or information on any or all such websites. I agree that Juliet Rose shall not be liable for any damages arising out of or in connection with my use of the Platform, whether based on a breach of contract theory, negligence, strict liability, misapplication or otherwise, even if I have been or am aware of the possibility such damage.

17.  Juliet Rose does not warrant that the materials on the Platform are suitable or available for use in any other location. I understand that if I access the Services or Products from a location outside the European Union, I do so at my own risk and initiative and that I am ultimately responsible for complying with laws or other regulations related to my use.

18. I agree that I am offered a copy of this form in the form of a .pdf document, which I can download to my computer or mobile phone or any other device with which I access the Platform.


All Contractors who work with Juliet Rose in any way have the appropriate education, training, and licenses to perform their work in the countries where they practice. You can file a complaint regarding the services provided by an individual Contractor by sending an Email to Juliet Rose.
Please report any violations of this agreement to: info@juliet-rose.com immediately.


In case of any questions, please contact us at: info@juliet-rose.com or write to us at: Juliet Rose d.o.o., Celovška 128, 1000 Ljubljana.